PHRC Research Programme, 2011-2019

The research programme (April 2011-March 2019) addresses a number of key policy-relevant themes, including alcohol abuse and how it may be tackled at individual and population levels; and mental health and wellbeing, and how it may be promoted through living and working conditions. They also address the clustering of risk factors (such as smoking, poor diet, alcohol misuse, and lack of physical activity), and links to social disadvantage. Health inequalities remains a cross-cutting theme, and a further project investigated methods for examining health inequalities within the context of a cost-effectiveness analysis.

Current projects

  • Prescribing patterns of dependence forming medicines - analysis using the Clinical Practice Research Database

  • Health behaviours and health behaviour change among adults in England

  • Childhood maltreatment and adult life-chances: informing strategies to prevent poor health and well-being into mid-adulthood

  • Promoting health and protecting the environment: a systematic review of qualitative research of behaviours with health and environmental benefits

  • Obesity and Alcohol use: Is there a role for dually focused intervention in young adults (18-25) to tackle unhealthy eating and heavy drinking and effectively reduce future health inequalities?

  • Systematic reviews of interventions tackling multiple risk behaviours: filling evidence gaps

  • Evaluating the impacts of universal policies on child health inequalities: how best can we exploit the predictive value of the integrated pre-school checks

  • The economic evaluation of public health programmes with costs and effects falling outside the NHS and local authority public health budgets

  • Exploring the impact of removing less healthy food from retail checkouts

  • Patterning across public health attitudes, experience and knowledge in Britain

  • How does educational achievement impact on health and health inequalities? An analysis of trajectories to inform policy options and development

  • Improving flu vaccination uptake by healthcare workers: a study of implementation and attitudes

  • Mapping the literature on interventions to tackle the disability-employment gaps

Completed projects

Projects related to smoking

Projects related to alcohol

Projects related to diet and obesity

Projects related to living and working conditions

Projects related to multiple risk behaviours

Cross-cutting projects